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To me community is all about supporting and helping each other out.

Below are businesses/profiles of people who have stepped outside of their comfort zone and created something incredible to share with the world. 


Covering each others back and encouraging one another on this life journey. 



Love & Rose

Love & Rose is aimed to motivate, inspire and encourage others to develop self-love and cultivate inner peace in their daily lives.

We offer a collection of products that is inspired by or infused with Rose Quartz which aims to help others experience compassion and unconditional love as reflected in the meaning of the semi-precious gem itself.

With personal beliefs and experiences that loving oneself from the inside out allows an individual to truly embrace happiness in a challenging and often time a chaotic world. 

Love & Rose's ultimate mission is to help others find their route to happiness and achieve self-worth and fulfillment.

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MK Designs

MK Designs is a woman owned company using original art specializing in personalized gifts for weddings, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and more!  Personalized jewelry, mugs, wine glasses, agate slices with text/designs used for place cards or gifts, money clips, keychains, pocket knives, and more!  The mugs, wine glasses, flutes etc are created using a sandblasted process giving it a quality feel and it doesn't wash off as ink (pad printing does.)  This means it lasts the life of your glass until it breaks.

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Marissa PH: (406) 318-2490


Patricia Hjort, Inc.,

dba Grace Financial & Insurance Services | PH: (858) 722 -7098

GFIS is a full service accounting & bookkeeping, tax preparation, and insurance services

(license: 0I97391) firm. With remote work, we are able to help and assists clients nationwide using QuickBooks Online. Our specialty is in helping small to medium size businesses access, create, implement, and manage the client's company wealth by streamlining and managing contracts, invoices, operating expenses, insurance policies, insurance renewals, payroll and taxes.





Riantha's hope is that people embrace their "ri.flection" and all that comes with it, their pasts, pains and promises. Riantha is a wellness millennial coach who genuinely wants people to feel "whole" in every single aspect of their life. She offers wholefood nutritional, wellness retreats at home with everything from healthy recipes to workouts that are privately supported, as well as tools and resources to improve one's spiritual and mental well being. Riantha is particularly passionate about women's empowerment, building empathetic women leaders in the corporate world and truly believe each woman is powerful beyond their wildest imaginations. She is an advocate for holistic well being and is looking forward to working with you on your wellness journey towards fulfillment, freedom and inner joy.

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Image by Anna Pelzer

Veg Fast Food

Veg Fast Food's mission is to  broaden awareness of exciting and trendy

plant-based options which are accessible to all, regardless of background or belief. They encourage others to eat a healthier diet and to inspire others to do so with love and encouragement. They have one common goal in mind, to broaden awareness of healthy conscious options, as well as, to shed some light on what's the most important choice for the world all together as one species. 

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Sofia Abounnaim | Business and Life Coach

Sofia is a Business and Life Coach. She works with young adults who are done with the unfulfilling 9-5 and are ready to start their own ONLINE business. 

A lot of young adults fear transitioning into being service providers or business owners...and unfortunately, they get stuck hunting for jobs and landing ones that they might not even be happy about. 

Sofia guides them towards capitalizing on their own strengths and turning their passion into a concrete business idea with a defined niche, target market and an offer. She also works with them on goal setting, marketing and positioning (and a lot more!)

Sofia wants young adults to make an impact and be the change they want to see in the world. 

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None of the recommendations on this page are paid advertisements. This is a community page supporting other entrepreneurs.

 For questions, comments or concerns, please email Athena,

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