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 "A personal blog helping ladies Align, Grow & Elevate to find their purpose." 

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Reliance legacy

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Hey Legacy Builder!

Meet The Family

Athena Cochrane

Blogger, Owner

 I never imagined myself as a blogger or running a company on social media, but my purpose called me outside of my comfort zone to become the voice behind

Reliance Legacy. This blog is my story. I used personal growth over the past four years to find my purpose. I'm on a mission to help ladies uncover their purpose by sharing my life gifts and passing them on to anyone who wants them. Will you be apart of the few who choose to make your legacy in this world?

Kaitlyn G.

First Editor,

Research & Development 

Kaitlyn is a Navy wife, mother to two beautiful children, and my childhood best friend. She has encouraged me to become a blogger and has taken on the role of being my first editor, photographer, adviser and research development. We have been best friends for almost

20-years. We've been back and forth across this country for each other and now she is guiding me through being a new military wife.

Building this blog together has been another thing we get to add to our adventure book. 

Jesica C.

Editor, Photographer

Jesica is my lil'-big sister. She is a new wife, a dog mom, and a new business owner. She recently started her photography business, Jesica Casper Photography.  Jes is my second editor, creative adviser and of course, my photographer. She is one of my best friends, not just because we are sisters, but truly a valuable person in my life.  She is one of my biggest critics and an even bigger supporter. I value her feedback as an artist and someone who truly wants to see me succeed.

Mission: Help ladies ALIGN, GROW and ELEVATE on their path to finding their purpose through personal growth.

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