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 "A personal blog helping ladies Align, Grow & Elevate to find their purpose." 

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A Begining Movement

To Your Purpose

Finding Path


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How to find your true self, stand out in the world, build your amazing legacy, fulfill your purpose and enjoy life doing it!

Meet The Blogger

Hey There!


My name is Athena Cochrane. 

I'm the author, voice and creator of Reliance Legacy's blog. I'm thrilled you have decided to join me on my journey. 

My hope is to be an encouragement to my readers during their storms. Together we can do great things. 

I'm now offering 1 on 1 mentoring and exclusive eCourses. 

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Thank you for being here and 

Welcome to Reliance Legacy

Mission: Help ladies ALIGN, GROW and ELEVATE on their path to finding their purpose through personal growth.

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"I truly enjoyed it. Thought-provoking questions. I found it to be more engaging and different (in a good way) than I normally find this type of introspection to be. And that's saying something because I am very invested in the process of learning and growing as an individual. I was genuinely surprised by my own responses which flowed very naturally." 

Katie K. - Review on Tiny-eCourse,

A Beginning Movement To Your Purpose Finding Path | Align, Grow and Elevate.

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